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The world has a big problem with plastic bags! Be part of the solution and buy an eco-friendly bag from Alan Buki Hair.

Nanobags are lightweight, super strong and foldable pocket size bags.

  • Stylish and available in four styles and a range of patterns and colours.
  • Ultralight - the lightest bag of its kind on the market (weighing 18-23 grams).
  • Super strong - easily carries 30kg.
  • Fold easily in a pocket size bag.
  • Quality - made with premium custom made nylon polymer fabric with thorough quality-control and testing process.
  • Eco-friendly - ideal alternative to single use and harmful plastic bags and break down in landfill after a few decades.
  • Carbon offset - for every bag sold Nanobag plants a mangrove tree with Eden Reforestation. 
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